Best time of my life
Part 1:
I was looking up to the sky
and then I knew I had to try
to find a dream worth coming true
but I didn’t know what to do

and all the years I had to fight
but now I know that I am right

give me the best time of my life
let me get the stars from the sky
if you just could bring this to me
I can tell you, I just will fly
just give me the greatest chance of my life
I’ve already made my plans
and now I just still need the key
to open the door and you will see
I might be heaven sent

Part 2:
Still haven’t found myself nor found the one
who would help me just to go on
To live my dream to follow the light
to have the power not to give up the fight

just let me take this wonderful chance
to keep my dream within my hands!

Refrain: …(wie oben)

give me the chance just to be myself
just let me go and you will see
who I can be what I can do
just let me make my dreams come true!

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